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The past year was one in which the macroeconomic environment continued to experience profound disruption, and this, in turn, provided major challenges for both the South African and the international ICT industry. It was also one of the most difficult periods Altron has had to face in its 45 year history . . . read more
Our focus during the year under review has been on rationalising, restructuring and right-sizing our operations with the aim to reposition Altron for what is likely to be a gradual recovery of the economy. Now that most of this internal consolidation has been completed we are ready to turn our attention to driving growth . . . read more
Over the past five years, Altron has been bringing sustainability issues towards the core of the business. Vision 2010 (now Vision 2012) put broad-based black economic empowerment at the centre of the group’s business strategy. Now, the environment is joining the growing list of sustainability issues . . . read more
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Divisional contribution - EBITDA
Altech up arrow 59%
Bytes up arrow 20%
Powertech up arrow 21%
. . . . read more
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